Custom Foil-Stamped





CLASSIC BOARD: 60 pt (Medium Thickness)

This product is what you typically see in a bar/restaurant. The material is made specifically for absorbing moisture and does not warp easily. Best for cold drinks that tend to condensate and sweat.

CHIP BOARD: 52 pt (Medium Thickness)

This product has a rustic feel and look. The material is geared more towards coffee and wine glasses as it does tend to warp when excess moisture is applied to the surface. Our board is manufactured using 100% recycled fibers. No virgin fiber or pulp of any kind is used. The finished product is completely biodegradable, as it will break down in water, and is also recyclable. Our chip board is “acid-free” and leaves the mill with a neutral PH.


Your artwork should be in vector format (PDF, AI, EPS) Please call (503) 232-0373 if you have any questions.